Prison Vs. Elderly Assisted Living

It's a damn shame but it's the TRUTH! 

I have been caring for my 89 year old grandmother in my home for four years now due to this fact!  Four years ago she fell and ended up in "Assisted Living" (or it should be called On The Road To Death) in Miami, Fl. 

Since I live over a thousand miles away I would call every day to check in on her.  I noticed she was sleeping a whole lot, sure the elderly cat nap during the day but then I found out the nursing home was dosing her with sleeping medication day and night.  She ended up becomming inmobile due to this, didn't even have the strength to hold a cup of water to her lips to drink never mind walk.  I was furious needless to say!

After discussing her care options with family in Florida it was then decided she would come live with me in Ohio.  Without hesitation, I rearranged my whole home and family life to assure she'd have the type of care she needed to get well and strong again.  First on the list was to get her into rehabilitation to walk and function again.  Over time, thank God, she has improved and is now able to LIVE the life she deserves.

It is ridiculous that prisoners are entitled to: Free healthcare, education, hot meals, entertainment and more but a 90-year-old War Veteran sits lonely in a depressing room, in a wheelchair, wearing a soiled depends for hours, ends up with sores, awaits for his "social time" to sit in another depressing room with other elderly folks withering away.  But yet his social security and retirement money is evaported due to the montly costs of nearly $4,000. Backwards society!

America...Get Your Priorities Right!  Families...Get Your Priorities Right!  Stop shoving your old parents into the first cheap assisted living home you can find just so you won't have to deal with the responsiblity of taking care of them! 

Yes, prisoners have rights too and should attempted to be rehabilitated but how many times do we fork out funds to a repeat offender?  Why is there more effort put forth towards healthcare and educate prisoners than there is to our children?  Why did the Stafford Loan percentage just DOUBLE???  Well, I guess it all equals out then...without access to good education = less people with jobs = more crime = more prisoners = screwed up society!

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