Enough is Enough!

I've been tracking my most popular posts and in three years in a row it's been, "Being Treated Like A Lady".  I'm not surprised at all by it due to what I see on a day to day basis; at work, at the stores and on the internet for examples. 

I see and hear SOME (not all) women basically throwing themselves at men who could care less about respecting them or who they are as a person.  Ladies be comfortable with yourself, respect yourself, know yourself and never compromise yourself!!!  We all as humans go through some form of self doubt at sometime in our lives, it's natural but should be very limited. 

YOU decide how anyone treats you and how you treat yourself!  It's true.  I went through years of an abusive relationship and self doubt, one day I woke up and decided enough is enough...I'm better than this!  I have to make a change today for a better tomorrow. From that moment on I never accepted anyone to treat me any less than I treat myself or others, with respect and worthiness. 

I can't stand to see women show their "goods" on the Internet for "Likes" from people who know nothing about who they are other than a nice piece of ass...Yes, I said it.  Stop it!  A beautiful body is great, a beautiful face is wonderful...a beautiful heart is irreplaceable!  In the end, what do you really believe you accomplished with all the ass hanging out pics posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc?  Lack of respect and a bunch of hard up men trying to get some of what you're showing.  If you're happy showing your stuff and how others treat you then be happy...I'm not judging just trying to help someone.   Remember, our children - Your children are impressionable and will keep the cycle going on what you teach them is right.

Also, acting like a lady will assist.  I don't do dishes in heels and a dress, be real.  I love my Nike's and sweat pants, throw my hair up in a messy knot, watch basketball, play rough...Trust me I have a smart ass sarcastic mouth and a punch that would shake a jaw...but know when to dress it up and behave like a lady. I don't flaunt my assets for the world to see, I respect others, I keep my house clean, can cook up a good meal and always take care of my family. I'm not perfect but I'm happy with who I am. 

Start there, know who you are...accept and respect who you are and others will follow. Give it and get it. Stop complaining about things you can change and change it! 

Alright, I'm done preaching for now. 

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