Fractions are the Devil!

With three kids, one in high school, a third grader and a kindergartner I am constantly helping with homework. I don't know about you but after a long day at work and cooking dinner all I want to do is sit and vegetate on the sofa with a magazine or watch an old episode of Friends. Of course that never happens.

I can swing the kindergarten homework as I cook but the other two make me feel stupid at times...especially the math...eeek! Fractions are the devil and don't even get me started with algebra! I left all that knowledge behind me that's for sure. I've always done better with literature and arts. I used to believe I could go on the tv game show "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" Hecks no I ain't smarter, I'm a worn out overworked mommy who's braincells deplenish with each episode of Spongebob that airs.

Now bring me a project that needs to be done and I Got This! Move over kid this is where I shine! Bring on anything where I can craft up something super cool and I get excited running out to the craft store, ok and I can get a little bossy too. But remember this is where I get to show the kids Mommy's skills with their help.

So far this year none of the kids have come home with a project for "us" to do. I'm itching to get busy on a super duper, over the top, exploding volcano. Mwwwahhhh!

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