Makings by Michie - Etsy Store

As some of my readers have seen I am an avid crafter, which includes everything from beading, painting, drawing, crochet, soap making, candle making and so on.  It relaxes me and I love it!  So, after so many years doing all these crafts and giving most of them away as gifts or just because someone said, "Oh, I really like that".  I took the advice of many people who have told me I need to start a business. 

I hereby introduce you to My Etsy store Makings by Michie! The store is brand new and I am currently adding new items to it as I make them.  I started the store off with a few earrings I have made.  I plan on making some holiday items soon and adding them, which I'm pretty excited about that.  I love the holidays!  It's my favorite time to craft. 

Thank you to all my readers who have followed me for over three years now!  I appreciate you all and look forward to keeping you all updated on my ongoing journey. 

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