Turning a Negative into a Positive!

Something I want all women to are as strong as you want to be.  Life is going to bring you obstacles and at times there will be disasters but how you deal with it all can make a big difference on the outcome.  I am sure you've heard this before, it's not anything new.  Well, why are there so many people in the world that still dwells on the unnecessary? Yup, because they choose to!

Trust me, my life has had more than it's share of disasters and giant obstacles, I am sure that more are to come, but when I allow myself to be swallowed by it is when I will drown in self pitty.  Of course some have it harder than others, it's part of life...sorry. 

I can't promise anyone that putting a smile on your face will overcome all bad days. I can promise you that everything happens for a reason, even the bad.  Look at the poor Adam Walsh family for example, what can be more devastating than his story to a parent?  It may have took time but John Walsh, his father, now helps others by putting criminals at large on America's Most Wanted and has had great success with helping authorities find these people.  There is also now Code Adam when a child is missing in public places. 

So my point is, I am telling you it's okay to get angry, grieve and cry but learning to flip the negative into a positive is a must. 

Keep your heads up it will get better. 


  1. What an encouraging post! It sounds like you're a "real" person who wants to share from your heart. I followed your blog and look forward to hearing more. Love to have you visit me at - Thanks, Mary

  2. Thank you, Mary! I try to be encouraging and always remember those who are reading my blog want to me to be realtistic and not just someone who rambles.

    I'm on my way to visit you. Thank you again for stopping by : )