Shhhh, We're Huntin' Leprechauns!

That's right, the kids and I are on the hunt for those tricky little fellas.  We're gonna get us a pot o' gold darn it!   My five year old daughter has developed a trap that is sure to work.  She has it baited with all shiny things the wee men are sure to fall for. 

Ha, Ha, Ha!  Little scoundrels we will find ye and get ye pot o' gold.  As soon as we find a rainbow it's on. 

I wish you all a Happy and Safe St. Patricks Day! 


  1. Did you all ever find a Leprechaun. I sure your daughter had fun looking. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Ya know LaTonya those rascals are tricky, no we weren't able to catch one this year. It was a lot of fun to play with her, she was so adorable how serious she was about catching a Leprechaun so she could get the gold, saying "Mommy if we get the gold you won't have to work anymore". She melted my heart with that comment, I wish I could be home more often with my kids...this way we could play around more often.