A Mommy's Day

It's morning and off we go
Brush your teeth, wash your face
Packing up running out the door
This is our weekday race

Three o'clock and we're back
My day has really just begun
Hand the kids a quick snack
Cook, clean, run, run, run

Homework is all done
Splish splash in the tub
Read stories, Mom begs not the same one
Sleepy eyes getting a rub

Sweet dreams my little baby
Here let mommy tuck you in
Tomorrow is another long day
I can't wait to do it all again.


  1. They are long & busy days, but you are right getting to do it again is the best part. I can't imagine waking up tomorrow & not having them here, even if they could be a little less shouty first thing in morning;)

  2. I wouldn't change it for anything. Having my three lil monsters here to drive me crazy keeps me going. What's life without a challenge : )