Kids Gone Wild at McDonalds

Remember when we were kids and our parents would bring us to the McDonald's playground?  Times have changed.
I thought it would be fun to take the kids to McDonald's grab some artery clogging grub and let the little ones burn off some energy.  It's worse than Chuck E' Cheeses' in that gone wild!  Parents are sitting there on the wifi, on the phone or reading the paper while their little rug rats are destroying the place and bullying other children.  Food was everywhere, trash was overflowing, not a clean table in sight and shoes/socks thrown anywhere....and get this, we were in an "Upper Scale Neighborhood"...Hello money doesn't buy class!

I refuse to allow some little snot nose brat to shove my child in this small narrow tubing (where they think no one can see).  I'll fight a kid and their Momma heck bring on the Daddy too. 

Anyhow, I called my two girls to come so we could leave the chaos and of course they cried because they wanted to stay.  I had to come up with a quick pacifier to hush them, hmmmmm ice cream, ok sounds good.  Don't you know this damn woman on my way out had the nerve to roll her eyes at me, LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH!  Please keep me from slapping this chick on my way out the door.   Well, needless to say I'm typing this post and not in jail so I found the strength to continue on my way BUT I did roll my eyes right back at her snotty ass.  All while promising my kids some ice cream.  

If you know your kids are bad and bullies watch them damn it.  Don't count on a fast food restaurant to baby sit your children while they tear up the place and ruin it for every one else.  

Ahhhh, I feel better now but I am not going back for a looooooooong time! 


  1. its funny you mention this. my parents took my daughter to mcdonalds last weekend, and it was the same thing!! luckily with my daughter's sensory stuff, she was not interseted at all in the play area...but my parents noticed the bullying, the parents not paying attention, etc.! they said the same thing you did, "not going back there!"

  2. If I do take the kids again (IF) I'm going on a weekday afternoon rather than on the weekend. It's the same thing when we go to Chuck E' Cheeses', I refuse to go on the weekends it's a dang madhouse.