Put Out That Cigarette!!!

Growing up in our house we heard, "If you don't like it go to another room", when we acted as if the cloud of smoke was irritating us in anyway.  Years ago most parents didn't even think of second-hand smoke harming their children never mind third-hand smoke.  I'll give it to my mother she always kept the house clean from top to bottom but even so the possibility of the contamination from the fumes of a cigarette harming us remained.  

I am not a smoker, can't stand cigarettes at all and will not allow anyone to smoke anywhere around my children, house or car.  I honestly don't understand the big thrill some people obtain from the little suicide sticks.  Regardless the fact remaines that millions of people smoke everyday, including my mother...still.  

Just so happens that today on my Yahoo! homepage there was an article on how harmful third-hand smoke is to those who are exposed to it.  I guess I should explain how the whole third-hand smoke thing works, just in case there are some who don't know. Nicotine is released in a vapor form when cigarettes burn.  That vapor then absorbs into the furniture, carpet, curtains, blankets, pillows (where your children lay their heads) and even on walls.  Of course it also absorbs into skin and clothes and passes around like a virus contaminating the world around the smoker in which continues to pass to others even if they do not smoke. 

I'm not trying to offend anyone or tell anyone how to live their lives.  Most grown-ups know what their lungs will look like if they continue to smoke and if they want to quit they will but if they don't want to then they won't.  What I am trying to do is pass on the awarness of potential harm to our children and all the people who do not smoke and are still at risk.  Therefore, if you are a smoker and have children think about matter if you smoke outside on the patio when you come back in and pick up your child he/she will be exposed to harmful nicotine residue. 

I hope you put out that cigarette for good!  You can do it


  1. I quit smoking when I got pregnant with my daughter and don't miss it at all. When I smell it on other people I get nauseous. I've ben trying to get my father to quit for years. I hate going over there with my daughter and know that she's playing woth her toys that are full of second hand smoke.

  2. Awesome post SITSta. I feel the same way. I am so happy that after smoking almost 50 years my mom as of Jan 3 hasn't had a cigarette. I can't imagine the appeal of putting something that's on fire to your lips and inhaling the toxic fumes. But then I don;t get a lot of the things that people seem to do....

  3. Oh boy! I grew up around smokers and hated it, still do. I can't stand the smell and i just don't get the allure. Why start?