No Winter Olympics For This Bad American

I feel like a bad American.  I can't push myself to watch the Winter Olympics at all, it bores me something fierce.  I tired, I seriously did...ok, for less than five minutes. It's sad I can't even tell you if we won, how many we won or who is representing the U.S. (or any other Country).  Honestly, I'm wondering just how many people who aren't connected to the people involved in the Olympics really watch it?

Sure, I watched the NBA All Star game with no problem, but I like basketball.  I'm not interested in skiing, tried it and hated it too damn cold and dangerous for me to be up on top of a mountain , never ice skated and hell naw I ain't bout to luge, I'll stick to good ol' fashioned sledding.  I have no problem with shooting a little hoop with the kids as long as they are shorter than me so that now rules my son out, lol.  

I feel badly now, I need to log onto ESPN and see what's happening in the Olympic world right now.  I'm just interested in outcomes not all the drama I see on my homepage about someone's pants or costumes...yada yada yada.  Just keep it simple and give me the scores man!

I am always proud to be an American but I'm still not going to force myself to watch sports that bore me just because.  Have to be true to myself. 


  1. Aren't you glad cable offers 1,000 other channels to watch? Remember when we were little, we didn't have a choice but to watch it. During the week I have my regular shows to watch. I prefer the summer Olympics myself.

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  3. I only like to watch some of the events. You know the ones where the athletes hae the highest probability to crash. Yeah I'll admit it I like to watch the crashes. I don't wish for anyone to get hurt, but seriously it's a snooze without the crashes.

  4. You weren't the only one. I have no interest in the Winter Olympics either. Snow sucks and watching ice skating is tortorous to me.