Lie To Me Mr. Groundhog....Come On!!!

This is the time of the year where I am ready to see some sunshine, flowers blooming and how about some 60 degree weather!  This bitter cold and being stuck indoors drives me crazy every year.  I'm a go play outside kinda mommy and it's been since October we've been hibernating.  This rainy-messy-non snowman quality snow sucks!

I'm counting on you Mr. Groundhog!!!  Come on, lie to me if you have to.  Tell me Spring is coming early this year...I need it bad!  You look like you need to come out and play too.  A little running around my chubby friend would be good for you.  Please, pretty please!!!  I was joking, you're adorable...soooooo, you're gonna go through with it this year?  Huh, huh? 

I know, y'all think I've done lost it! LOL  It's okay, I think so too.  Being cooped up all winter is to blame, I am for sure gonna be a snowbird like the Wise Aged Ones once I am able to do so.  Now, those are some smart folks.  Spring and Summer up North...ahhhhh.  Fall and Winter down South...Oh Yeah!


  1. I'm always done with the cold weather right after the holidays. It's so depressing.

  2. I am with ya! And it isn't even that cold here! But I am ready for spring! Except for the allergens...

  3. Amen sister!! Bring on the spring!!! I can't wait either!!!

    Melyssa (-: