I'm a Basket Case!

Help Me! Help Me! I have turned into a basket case! Of course I'm kidding, I've always been a basket case not just turning into one now! LOL

Here are some of the baskets I have made this holiday season.
My wonderful sister and I made handmade soap so they are literally filled with love!

I hope all my blogging beauties are enjoying this holiday season. I gotta tell you I am but I am also so grateful that it's ALMOST OVER!!! Whooo, hooo! Goodbye 2009 I am not gonna miss you! Hello 2010..."How U Doin'?"!
Seriously, 2009 has been a rough year for me so I'm all ready for a great 2010. Many blessings to us all.


  1. I love gift baskets. Getting them is fun, but if you'e made them before, you know how much work goes into them. So if you've made one before, and then you get one as a gift, it's EXTRA SPECIAL because you know the time and thought that went into it.
    Plus homemade soaps? Martha Stewart ain't got nothin on you.

  2. Those look darling! Good for you....hope your 2010 is wonderful. (I too will be glad to see the Christmas season's not "ba-humbug". It's just, "sometimes every day life is refreshing!"
    Happy Sits Saturday Sharefest!