You Control You!

I'm in no way perfect but I do know that in order the live the life YOU want you have to set realistic goals and work at them everyday. Oh, and definitely take responsibility for you own actions, that's a big one. You can't walk around this world blaming everyone else for your debt, getting fired, the way someone treats you, or even that extra 20 pounds you kept on after the baby was born. I mean, seriously YOU are YOU and are the only one in control of YOU!
I'm not going to get into too many details because I'm guessing that all of you that read my blog are all adults and know right from wrong. Read the following statements I've heard lately, all are negative and complaints without any solutions being put into play or even thought.
"My ex maxed out our credit cards now I am in such bad debt"
"If Sally didn't tell that I was coming in late most days last week I'd still have a job"
"Juan/ita only calls me when he/she wants something, then once he/she gets it
I can't even get a call back most of the time"
"While I was pregnant all I craved was candy now I can't loose this *baby* fat"
I'm gonna tell you I have been through more than my share in life and have been guilty of not owning up to my own faults; the key is to wake up ant take that ownership. If someone treats you with disrespect it's probably because you allow it to happen. That rolls into the whole debt and relationship category amongst more in life. If you feel your being taken advantage of or being abused in anyway it's time to move on, Now!
Don't ask someone to cover up something you did wrong at work, most likely it will backfire, they are looking out for themselves when it comes down to it. Make arrangements with management if you know you're gonna be late.
Come on ladies, I have three kids and gained weight too but it's up to you (unless you have health issues) to regain your pre-baby figure. I know someone with a 16 year old still blaming their child for that weight gain.
Find solutions to these problems in life, they do exist you just have to put more effort. Giving up is the easy route it takes work to be a better you. Make a list of goals and take action to accomplish them.
When the clouds come with that fierce storm family and friends will lend you an umbrella but it's up to you to open it to stay dry.


  1. I second that Amen.
    I know the 'floating 5' is my fault, too many cookies and not enough walkies. I think most people just need a good butt whooping and then told to get on with life more often than not.
    If there's one thing I'm proud to be teaching my children, its self responsibility, the only other person that watches out for you is your mom, and she can't be there all the time!

  2. Well, I am so happy that a couple of ladies agree with me. I teach my kids to take responsibility for their own actions and practice what I preach.

    Life is to short to go waste time complaining and not taking action towards a better you. Michael Jackson had it right when he said, "I'm starting with the man in the mirror"!