Whooo, Hoooo, Shoe Shopping

I will start this off with admitting I have a problem....I'm a shoe addict. I really don't even know how many I own at this point but I want more! I am thinking that this is the same for most women in the world.
I have been feeling kinda blah lately and I know that a really, really nice pair of shoes would cheer me up! I was browsing some online and this is what I found on Zappos so far.

I won't tell you how much they cost...let's just say I'm dreaming, lol. As nice as it is to look online at these hot shoes I sure would love to try them on and strut through the store!
((((siiiiiigh)))) I guess I will throw my Nikes on and clean up the house and run errands. One of these days this Momma will be wearing a pair of these shoes....hmmm, better yet I will be wearing them in Paris dammit!
Have a great day Mommas!


  1. cute shoes ( I say while wearing cheap $5 flip flops, lol).

    I'll dream with you!
    cute blog!

  2. I love my $5 flip flops too! Always dream big honey best way to do it!

    Thanks for stopping by!