Crazy Ass Mamas

This has been on my mind since school started back in session for the kids. Why in the world are, no let me not sugar coat this one, MOTHERS drop their children off at school still in their pajamas and rollers in their hair. Wait I'm not done...then the same mother picks their poor child up in the afternoon dressed but half assed literally! Then to make matters worse it's not just the young twenty something year old moms doing it, I know this one woman has to be in her forties or she just had a really rough life.
I don't usually talk/gossip about people but this is so ridiculous to me. How embarrassing to these elementary children for their mothers to go up to their teacher with some holey silk pajama bottoms, a severely faded t-shirt, house shoes and some rollers in their burnt dyed hair and then only to show up at 2:30 p.m. in some dukes (something that most men don't want to see trust me I'm still recovering) and/or 3 inch spiked heels.
Overall, I just think it's so sad. Of course we all have our "bad" days but damn some of these crazy ass mamas have taken it to the extreme.
Okay! I'm done venting. Have a great day and remember please put some freakin clothes on when taking/picking your kids to school. : )


  1. Hey,
    so glad we homeschool!
    What a blessing....
    We will be praying that those moms, cover up some... Love and Prayers, Lori and gilrs

  2. I think some mamas just don't care. I've seen plenty of moms in pjs @ our kid's school, too. While I'm embarrassed for them, I also think if they don't care, why should I?

    On the other hand there's me with my makeup, heels and hot-rolled hair...and the pj mamas are probably thinking I'm way over-done. Funny thing. ;)

  3. Loriann, I admire your strength and patience to homeschool. If it were possible for me to develop a little more patience I would do the same.

  4. Terresa, I agree, most of them may not care about their appearance. I am not a big make-up girl so that's not one of my things, I'm more of a relaxed jeans and cute hair kinda mom.

    I guess we all have our own thing!

    Have a blessed day Everyone!

  5. wow! jammie pants?

    i thought i was bad in my edward cullen t shirt and yoga pants..

    I have a new motto that i recite everyday .. and then don't follow it..

    always dress like the teacher is going to call you over for a conference!