Stop Running!

How many times a day do I say/yell, "Please, Stop Running in the House"? I guess not enough as you can see from Arianna's 9 stitches on her eyebrow.

When I heard my youngest screaming in pain I don't even know if it took me a whole second to get to her. I immediately yelled for my husband and placed a band aid over the wound along with an ice pack and we were off to the children's hospital.

The nurses and doctors at our local children's hospital were so wonderful and did a great job closing up that deep wound, 2 stitches inside and 7 on the outside. Arianna is such a trooper, her tolerance level is amazing for a two year old. She asked for Krispy Kreme donuts when we left and as you can see in her picture she got them!

Of course it was the result of tripping and landing on the corner of the bad old coffee table. You ask why didn't I have the child proof corner protectors on? I did...and they were pried off by the same little hands that attacked my table. The lovely cherry coffee table has been removed from the living room and placed into the "man cave" for the time being.

This just had me thinking, when we were kids there was no such thing as "baby/child proofing" your home or always wearing your seat belt in the car. Thank goodness we have angels by our side because I know I was always (still am) accident prone.

We take her tomorrow to have them removed...maybe this time we will get Cold Stone Ice Cream! : )


  1. Love cold stone, and that should do the trick. Hope the little one is doing better!

  2. Thanks, Heather. She is doing much better, the swelling has gone down and it's healing pretty well. I could go for some cold stone and it's up the street from the Doctor's office! : )

  3. poor little thing. You probably say it about as much as I say "don't play ring around the rosie in the shower" but he hit his head anyway.

  4. Oh poor baby. No matter how many times we warn them they never listen. I'm constantly telling my son don't jump off this or that. But he does it anyway. Luckily he hasn't gotten hurt yet. Oh and Vegas isn't really all that family friendly but there are a couple of places to go. Mandalay Bay has an Aquarium and some of the hotels have really nice pools. We have family there so its a little different for us.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. owie....and that is why i dont have a coffee table. does make you wonder how we all survived... anyways, thanks for visiting me on my day!

  6. Ouchie! Yep, no matter how many times I tell the kids to stop running in the house, #3 continues... it is his speed, I think- he is also what I dub "my ER child", lol!