Stop Complaining...You're Blessed

On a daily basis I am hear people complain about what is going wrong in their lives or the world and/or what they don't have. Needless to say that the negativity vibes from these people are so annoying and bring upon themselves and others unnecessary stress.
Honestly, I feel badly for these "miserable" people sometimes because they are so blind to the fact of what God has blessed them with because they are too busy complaining about what they find to be wrong.
I know what I am saying is nothing new to you. I just had to get it off my chest since lately it seems that there has been more and more negative people coming out of the cracks.

I will tell you that in no way am I perfect, I have done my share of complaining about something petty but I am always sure to remind myself of all the good I have in my life. I am a strong believer in God's plan and even though I may not always understand things in life I keep faith that it is all a part of the "plan".
I am going to continue to pray for all the negative, stomping around, complainers in the world.
Thanks for letting me vent a little! Have a great day! : )


  1. Amen sister. We're so crazy blessed. What happy lives we would live if we kept our eyes on that. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Thank you Jen for agreeing! : )

    The wasted time someone takes to complain about life, they could use that energy to either change what's wrong. If it's not possible to make a change then learn how to live with the problem and turn it into a positive.

  3. Amen. Well said. Sometimes the craziness of everyday life gets in the way of us remembering... but we are all truly blessed.

  4. Thanks Alexandra! I'm happy for those who know that they are blessed and thankful.