Oh Yeah! It's National Ice Cream Day Y'all!

Back in the day (1984) Ronald Regan declared that the whole hot steamy month of July would be National Ice Cream Month but specifically the 3rd Sunday of July is National Ice Cream Day! Yummy Yummy Holiday for ice cream lovers!
I love ice cream just like most others but I struggle with lactose intolerance so I limit just how much I inhale at a time, lol. Now my brother-in-law should win an ice cream eating contest he doesn't care if it's 20 degrees below zero he's gonna have him some ice cream. But that's okay because there is also an Ice Cream designated holiday on December 13th.
There's so many choices to make in ice cream flavors now a days. So pick up your favorite pint today and celebrate! We are!
Have a tasty holiday!


  1. Hi! Visiting from SITS.

    I love ice cream, but I never buy it (or I would eat the whole pint by myself). My hubby recently made homemade Milky Way ice cream- it was delicious! I told him he's never allowed to make it again! :)

  2. mmmmm, Mily Way ice cream sounds so yummy!

    My favorites are Rocky Road and Butter Pecan!