Michael Jackson still NOT buried!

It's been almost a month since the man passed away, come on people let him rest peacefully somewhere.

At the moment his body remains at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in L.A. and his family is still debating on whether to fight to bury him at Neverland or not. According to Katherine Jackson Neverland was not such of a happy place for Michael and should not be buried there. Prior Neverland Ranch neighbors also dispute the idea of laying the King of Pop to rest there. So the saga continues with them going back and forth disagreeing while his body turns to bones above ground.
Michael should just be buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery (soon, people, soon!).
This drama is just another reason why I have chosen to be cremated rather than buried to be dug up when the land is needed in 200 years or so.

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  1. Okay, I never thought of it that way before.
    First, the whole MJ thing is insane. Personally I say cremate him and spread his ashes over his favorite place in the world.
    But, there are (two??) cemeteries here that have moved bodies just in the past month or so and it's disgusting. I like your idea of cremation just because of what you said. Definitely something to think about now.
    Yup, still me - your OCD SITSta.