Junkie Juice - My Caffeine Addiction

Alright, alright, I will admit it to you....I have a serious coffee problem. The very first thing I do in the morning is push that wonderful, magical button and wait with my toe tapping for just enough to brew for my first cup. Then of course once I have it I sit at my computer desk and see what's going on in the world while the rest of the junkie juice brews.

My whole family knows not to talk to me or expect any breakfast until I've at least had that first cup down. I guess that's why I wake up two hours ahead of them just to make sure no one gets hurt. I know that this sounds so sad but it's so true, I am not a pleasant person until the caffeine kicks in...then I'm sweet as pie, lol. (Maybe)

I was going to post a picture that was taken of me in front of the coffee maker with my unsipped first cup of coffee but I will spare you all the horror! The look in my eyes says it all...Move or I will kill you! You want to see it? No, no,'s not a pretty sight. Well, since you all are so curious here ya go, I warned you!

I promise you I don't always look so evil, they were trying to come between me and my coffee, that's my motive.
I know I am not the only woman in the world that loves her junkie juice in the morning. Oh yeah, and maybe a couple of donuts to go with it, lol.
Well, I've had my three cups to start the day off!
God Bless!

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