I Don't Care Day

Alright people, I'm feeling unmotivated this morning to do anything that I'm "suppose" to do. For example: go to work, do dishes, mop the floors, and oh how can we forget the mountain of laundry that never goes away.
Today (perfect day for it), I want to sit in my pjs and watch junk television and eat chips out of the bag. Hmmmm, let's not forget cookies too. : ) Check my emails, post comments on all my blogging buddies great posts and just relax. Of course everyone is home since it's the Summer so even if I did stay home I would be cleaning up something or playing referee between the kids. A girl can dream can't she, lol.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I need a "I don't care" day.

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  1. I say, go take one! You deserve it! That actually sounds like a relaxing day...eating chips out of the bag, watching endless tv and of course, blogging! :)

  2. I have I don't care days just about all summer long. It's too hot to do anything else. So join the rest of us and don't feel guilty about it at all.

  3. As good as it sounds ladies, I'm here at work. : (

    One of these days (hope soon) I will take my I don't care day!

  4. all I can think about when seeing that picture is the red stapler.

    hopefully the evening will pick up for you.

  5. I could definitely use one of those days too!

    p.s. following you from MBC Under 100!

  6. LMAO, ahhh, the red stapler. That movie was so funny! My day went well (busy but well).

    Took the kids school shopping and found some great deals.

    Thanks for the follow Xenia! :)

  7. You DESERVE an "I don't care" day:) I, in fact, think they should be mandatorily held at least once a month--if not more.

    So leave on those p.j.'s, find the chocolate and grab a good movie.

    ---thanks for your sweet comment about my sister post, it meant a lot--

    <3 sarasophia

  8. Everyone needs (and deserves!) an I don't care day once in a while! I know I could certainly use one!!