Drive-Thru Drama

There has to be a rule somewhere in place that says, "Those with multiple orders please place them inside". Right? I worked a drive-thru when I was a teenager and I know that we told the customers to come inside with that mess.
Two days in a freakin' row I was stuck behind an idiot with crazy orders. First bad experience was at the bank. I was behind this older woman in a pick up truck who decided she wanted to back up almost hitting my van, then the crazy ass woman had the nerve to look at me like I'm the one who drove her past the tube shoot. That was only the beginning people, I was blocked in behind her and I must of seen that tube go up at least 7 times in 10 damn minutes. I wanted to get out the van and just slap her.
My second drama was yesterday at a fast food drive-thru. The car in front of me was screaming their orders at the speaker and being rude with the girl. Then when they get to the window they had about 10 small bags handed to them. Of course it is my luck that this person would hand just about all the bags back with an obvious complaint being made. So needless to say I wasted much time with a growling belly and a headache forming. I also wanted to slap this person.
My whole point is, you know you're a pain in the ass keep out of the drive-thru and take your drama inside. The drive-thru wasn't just meant for lazy people but for those who have place to be and need to get things accomplished just a little quicker than usual.
Thank you, have a nice day! lol
Oh and of course...God Bless Ya!

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