Parental Control

I had a discussion with my sister today about "Parental Control". Now, my sister does not have children of her own but she is the best aunt my children can have.
My sister and brother-in-law are friends with a couple that has two small boys (4 yrs old & under 1) and the 4 year old is out of control! I have witnessed the child acting up anytime I've been around him. Part of the problem is the parents have no control over him what so ever. He is allowed to play....hold on to your seats people....GRAND THEFT AUTO! Seriously! I have a twelve year old son that is taller than I am and is not even allowed to watch anyone else play this game or any other that may be similar.
This four year old boy will be entering kindergarten in the fall and I don't think he is capable of spelling his name just yet. This is really disturbing to me, yes, okay the parents are both young but there is no excuse for allowing your child to watch violent movies or play violent games. Then when he is acting out, jumping on furniture at other people's homes, hitting other children etc. they yell at him to stop. Ummmm, WHAT? This is all the kid sees, put on some Sesame Street let the kids learn something for God sake other than how to steal a car.
Get ready society, by the time this kid becomes an adult he will probably have a long rap sheet. This makes me sad but it's true. Oh and for those of you who are wondering, Children Services have already investigated the parenting skills previously and nothing has come out of it, yet anyway.

I just thought I'd share, I'm pretty bothered by this. Thanks for reading : )

God Bless.

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  1. WOW, my husband doesn't even play that game around our kids and our oldest is 7